A blessing is on the way!

Wow, I can’t believe how much has happened since I last posted.  I keep meaning to sit down and post just about everyday but the farm keeps calling me away.

Where do I even begin?  Let’s see, the most wonderful thing…I’m going to be a Grandmother!  Somebody pinch me!  I am way too excited and beyond thrilled!  This is going to be my first Grandchild.  When Joey told me the news, I looked at Vince and said, “Hand over the wallet Grandpa.  I’ve got shopping to do!”  My little blessing to be is due December 6th.  Joey deploys to Afghanistan sometime in January.  So as sad as I am (and beyond worried), I will have a new little baby, a little piece of him, left here to snuggle, cuddle, and love to ease the pain of not having my son here with me.  My new daughter in-law, Annie, is going to make an excellent mother.  Joey is truly blessed to have found her.  She is just wonderful and Vince and I adore her.

So, I’ve busted out the knitting needles, crochet needles, and sewing machine to prepare for my Grandchild.  Vince is planning a true “Italian baby shower”.  Meaning, pretty much everyone in the United States (& Italy) that is related to him is being invited.  Let’s face it, that’s about every Italian on the East Coast and half of the rest of Italians in the entire world.  Poor Annie will be kissed and hugged until she wants to run and hide.  They will rub her belly while telling her she needs eat as they shove plate after plate of food in front of her.  How do I know?  That’s what they did to me…I gained a 100 lbs. when I was pregnant with Mikey (still trying to lose 30 of those pounds still)!  Vince of course is sure the baby is a boy.  He says it has to be so he can take him on “Pop-Pop’s tractors” and bale hay with him.  Poor kid will definitely be extremely spoiled…boy or girl!

We’ve become famous, well kind of sort of that is.  A reporter from a local magazine called “The Good Life” came out early spring to do an article on the farm and goat cheese.  Then this past week, a reporter from “Lancaster Farmer” (farming newspaper which just about every farmer in the United States subscribes to or at least should anyway) came out and interviewed us for a story on the farm, the goats, goat cheeses, and goat milk soaps.  They took a bunch of pictures and I tried really hard not to be in any of them but he insisted he get a picture of Vince and I together.  My hardworking girls have taken all this in stride.  They seem to not even care anymore when yet another reporter shows up to take their picture and do yet another story on them.  All this fame hasn’t changed them at all and I’ve been beating the paparazzi away in trying to keep them from letting it all go to their heads. 🙂

In the middle of all this excitement, we’ve been working on the farm.  This year we actually did get a vegetable garden in only to have one of our bucks get out and help himself to my beets, peppers, and corn.  My “gifts from God”, Jade and Jaralyn, have been hard at work cleaning the flower beds out that hadn’t been touched in something like 10 years.  The “junkyard” aka bucks pasture has been cleaned out.  It is no longer a junkyard as all the cars, trucks, rusted tractors, and just plain trash has all been removed, cleaned out, scrapped, or thrown away.  Vince and I are putting up fencing there this weekend and the boys will be moved to their new home.  This has taken an entire year to happen and well, I’m a little relieved and excited all at the same time.  I don’t think the boys will know what to do with themselves.  They will probably think they have died and gone to heaven.  They can thank me by giving me all doelings next year and we will call it even.

We’ve only done one goat show so far this spring.  We took the boys to a buck show and walked away with Reserve Grand Champion on our buck Bada Bing Farm O’ Danny Boy which is a buck out of my Clover and Ralph.  Don’t think we will do anymore buck shows though as my boys were completely stressed out.  They all ended up getting the runs and not feeling well.  So if the world wants to see my handsome men, they will just have to come here and see them.

The soap business is going well and sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed.  I just finished the Laurel Festival craft show which I spent 3 months making soap for.  I thought I was done for a little while when I ended up getting two wholesale orders so it’s back to the kitchen and making soap again.  It’s good but it’s a lot of work too.

I’m still always behind in the cleaning, cooking, and laundry but who cares anymore.  I get it done as I get it done.  I prefer to hang out with the goats and cows.  They could careless if I am dirty and smelly as long as I show up to feed them and give a little love out to them.  That’s the nice thing about farming, the animals could careless about “politics and gossiping” which I found there is a lot of in all the office jobs and prison jobs I’ve had.  The biggest drama around here is an eventful birth or figuring out if we are having chicken or beef for dinner.

By the way, the cows are great!  They are growing fast and yep, you guessed it, spoiled rotten as well.  The kids take their cows for walks to the mailbox (I wonder what my neighbors must think).  They also take them to creek to go swimming with them.  Yes, my kids swim with their cows.  Jade and Jaralyn are always washing their cows too.  I think I probably have the cleanest cows in Lancaster County.

The pigs arrived a couple of weeks ago and Katie finally got her breeding sow she always wanted.  I finally have a pig that I can treat as a pet and get attached to since it won’t be on my dinner plate come September.  I wish I could tell you her name but Katie and Mike change it like every other day so I just call her “piggie” for now.  Isn’t that pathetic?

The ducks and chickens are doing good too.  Growing fast and loving running around the yard.  We need to get some nest boxes made and I’m dying for farm fresh eggs.  Like everything else you raise or grow yourself, they just taste so much better than when you buy it in the store.

We did have two Muskovy ducks show up this spring.  The kids named them Bob and Tom.  Bob turned out to be a “Bobette” though.  We found her one day with 14 ducklings waddling behind her.  The kids and Vince for that matter were thrilled.  Now we know why “Bob” kept attacking Mikey every time he threw hay down…seems he or rather she, had here eggs up there somewhere.

We are still kidding goats out but are finally down to just a couple of girls left to go.  I’m ready for it to be over with too.  I love the babies but after you have 100 or so born, you are ready for a break.  Come October, I’ll be ready for it all to begin again.  I definitely have to do some really good planning though so as I don’t have any babies born when my Grandchild is due to arrive.

So you are all caught up…we haven’t hit the lottery and the TV executives haven’t contacted me to do a reality show.  Book editors haven’t been knocking down my door begging me to write a book on my exciting life and the modeling agencies have finally figured out I don’t want to walk in fashion week or fly to Milan to model for their clients.  Thank God, they were beginning to drive me crazy!

Ok, enough goofing off…I’ve got to get back to work.

About asciotti

Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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  1. Sally Schoonover says:

    I miss your blog, hearing all about your family!

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