So here I am…still kicking

I know it’s been awhile but you have to cut me a break…I run a farm ya know 🙂  A lot has changed both in my personal life and around the farm.  Here is a quick run down.

We are still kidding out does but have about a 4 week break before the next batch goes.  Gives us a chance to catch our breath again.  Taking care of babies can be a drain on the energy supply.  Lack of sleep slowly catches up with you, especially when your not in your 20’s anymore.  All the kids are growing well and I have some very nice does this year I am pretty excited about showing.

We are taking 3 of our boys to a buck show in MD.  Ralph, Danny Boy, and Sid are making the trip.  Should be fun trying to show bucks.  We’ve never done it before and depending on how it goes, we may never try and do it again 🙂

We recently purchased Jersey cows as well.  A couple of steers in addition.  Vince would like to milk 20 of them in addition to milking the goats.  God help me!  Yeah, I know…I’m supposed to be cutting back and taking it easier.  I guess that will come when I’m either in a wheelchair or dead. 

We have chickens again (just 6) and I got Katie 4 ducklings too.  We love our ducks (they are just pets but we do eat their eggs) & there is something relaxing about watching chickens run around your yard.  Heaven knows I need more relaxing things in my life (especially since Vince has me milking cows too).  The pigs come in a month and new this year…He is buying Katie a breeding sow because she always wanted to breed pigs.

Before you all think I’m nuts I did put my foot down on something.  Katie has been begging to get a horse and I won’t budge.  No freaking horses.  I told her to take riding lessons and if she is really into it (which I am hoping that will be enough to satisfy her “horse fix”), then she could get one with the complete understanding that she will be the absolutely only one to take care of it.

Birthday season came and went without strapping up too much.  I even got a new camera for my birthday.  It is a professional digital camera, a Cannon Rebel, which I think has been my favorite birthday or Christmas present in many, many, many years. 

Joey was transferred from Camp David to Camp Lejeune and will deploy to Afghanistan the end of January.  This has been the toughest time for me.  I was used to having him close by and seeing him atleast once a month for a weekend.  Now I won’t get to see him near as often.  I am going through what my family calls “Joey withdraw”.  I have no idea how I will handle him deploying.  Heavy drinking maybe?  How do you crawl into your warm safe bed each night knowing as a mother that one of your children isn’t safe?  I am spending so much time praying already.  My faith will pull me through.

My website it down.  I haven’t had a moments peace to work on it.  I’ll have it up and running as soon as I can.  Right now I am preparing for the 2010 Laurel Festival in Wellsboro.  I will only be doing a few craft fairs this year.  I want to take the kids to Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Valley Forge, Hershey Park, and hopefully a trip to NC to see Joey.  So I am only going to do a few goat shows and craft shows this year. 

Ok, so that’s the update.  Hopefully things will slow down a little bit and I post more often, get the website working again, and post some of the 700 pictures I’ve taken with my new camera.

Hope all is well in your life…

About asciotti

Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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2 Responses to So here I am…still kicking

  1. Michelle says:

    Cows? DAIRY cows? Is your husband trying to kill you?

    Good call on making Katie take riding lessons, especially if she takes them somewhere where she can pay for them in barn chores. My husband is a horse vet and so many people jump into horse ownership without a clue, and always the horse is the one that suffers. (Okay, sometimes the kids suffer from bumps and bruises, too, because they are clueless and the horses know it.)

  2. theschwarz1 says:

    You probably don’t remember me, but when you were up here on Charleston Rd, I stopped in unannounced one Sunday afternoon with my then 2 yr old son to see your goats. We were thinking of eventually getting goats…well, 2 yrs later, we have goats!
    We got 4; 1 from Craig Williams, 2 from the Tinneys (our neighbors) and a free runt from another farm. Well one of our goats was pregnant and just kidded on Friday, so now we have 6!!

    Good to see your doing well with all the goat stuff. Where in Lancaster did you move to? My folks live in New Holland.

    I also have a wordpress blog:

    Good to see you on here!

    -Rob Schwarz

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