The latest happenings…

I’ve had almost 40 babies born in the past couple of weeks while dealing with two winter blizzards less than a week apart.  Everytime I turned around I was running to the barn to deliver babies and another foot of snow was on the ground.  Vince of course was in New England.  There were times I just wanted to cry but I stomped my feet, said a few curse words, apologized to God for letting it get the best of me, and plugged away again.  Come on, every 39 year old turning 40 in a couple of months deserves to have temper tantrum once in awhile right?

I kept thinking to myself, didn’t we leave the mountains and head south so the winters were less snowy and less cold?  Seems it followed us south.  Wellsboro actually got less snow than we did here.  Global warming or Murphy’s Law?  Perhaps a little of both.

Anyway, kidding season is in full swing.  I have about a weeks break before another set of does kicks off again.  I’m taking this break to catch up on sleep, cleaning, and laundry.  Although I can’t seem to get caught up on anything lately.

I have a few doelings and bucklings for sale this year.  It’s time to cut the numbers again to keep things more managable.  Vince is traveling a lot more it seems so without his help the work load falls on me and my aching back.  I made him buy me a new boxspring and mattress to help that aching back.  It was time as the old one was 16 years old and was done about 6 years ago.  I wouldn’t let him go cheap either.  I think after 4 back surgeries and all the metal I have in my back, I deserve a good night’s rest in a good bed.  Trouble is, it feels so good, I don’t want to get out of it.  By the way, those sleep number beds are great, costly, and popular but they don’t hold up.  My Mom has one.  She wasn’t able to adjust the numbers anymore as soon as it was out of warranty…figures right?

Along with all the snow we got, the kids (the human kind that is) decided to do a lot of snowmobiling.  One night Katie jumped on the snowmobile and started it up.  The throttle was stuck, it took off like a bat out of hell and slammed into the side of my truck.  Damaged the truck and the snowmobile.    Vince was screaming and yelling not so nice words.  Katie ran for cover and I stood in the house looking out the window laughing (so that Vince couldn’t see or hear me).  If someone would have videotaped it, I could have sent it into America’s Funniest Home Videos and been $10,000 richer.  Anyway, my truck now matches my livingroom furniture…the same livingroom furniture that was used as a chew toy when the dogs were puppies.  What can I say?  I’ll wait to have nice things once the kids and pets are gone.

Of course the snow also damaged the barn roof some more.  All the skylights broke under the weight of the snow.  One more thing to add to the list of broken and damaged stuff around here.  I swear the goats stand there and look at me thinking…Uh, HELLO, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM?  Sorry girls, I’m trying.  The repair list is long while the funds are short.

My parents’ were in Florida for the last blizzard.  I talked to my Dad on the morning we were being blasted.  He was walking on the beach and it was sunny.  I told them I was no longer speaking to them.  To make amends, they purchased me an early birthday present.  The t-shirt that reads, “Don’t me with me!  I raised a Marine”!  Perfect shirt for me my middle son says because I am known as the Drill Instructor here.  Yeah, he doesn’t have a clue.  But I will admit, I love my shirt.  Perhaps I’ll wear it to the next ADGA show so all those grumpy goat breeders who love to dabble in nasty rumors and goat politics will stay clear of me. 

Yes, you can probably tell, I’m in a mood.  I hate politics and I suck at them.  Trouble is, I just say what’s on my mind but most times people can stand it when you are that down right honest with them.  I get it from my Mother…blame her.  She might not have given me the skinny gene and the perfect skin gene (that she gave my sister Ann of course) but she did give me that fiesty red headed attitude that either gets me noticed or gets me into trouble. 

Ok, off to make the family dinner.  If you are bored and work for food, feel free to stop by the farm.  You can milk, feed babies, trim hooves, clean pens, shovel snow, do laundry, clean the house, or cook.  I’m not picky…you choose.

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Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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One Response to The latest happenings…

  1. L. Heimel says:

    Are your goats milk soaps available in any stores in Wellsboro, Pa?

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