2010 Pa State Farm Show & Kidding Season Kicks Off

A lot has happened since I last posted.  Our Pa State Farm Show was an unbelievable experience.  The next couple of days afterwards were tough.

First the good news…Youth Dairy Goat Show and Open Dairy Goat Show

Katie won Grand Champion Nubian Dairy Goat, Best of Breed and Champion Challenge with her doe (and one of my favorites) Ziggy Acres TXE Shamrock.  She also placed 1st or 2nd in all of her other Nubian classes.  The Pa Cable Network was there taping the show which was pretty neat since they taped Mike’s big win last year with his Saanen doe Bada Bing Farm Holly.

Ziggy Acres TXE Shamrock

Mike won not only Jr. Reserve Grand Champion Saanen Doe (Bada Bing Farm Holly) but Reserve Grand Champion Saanen doe (Bada Bing Farm Lillian), Grand Champion Saanen Doe (OHF CPP Mada aka Maudie Moo), Champion Challenge Saanen Doe, Best of Breed Saanen Doe, but the highest of all…Best Doe In Show!  Yep, Maudie Moo won the whole kit and kaboodle.  Every doe he exhibited won.  You just can’t get any better than that!

Maudie MooBada Bing Farm Lillian

Mike was on cloud nine as several newspapers and TV stations interviewed him and took his picture with his Champion Maude.  We weren’t even back to earth when the next day we started to exhibit in the Open Dairy Goat Show.

Katie was up first and of course the Nubian classes were packed.  She showed Shamrock in a class of 12 other goats.  After winning her class, Shamrock went on to take Reserve Grand Champion Nubian Doe and win another leg towards her permanent champion status.  I was so proud of her as she did an excellent job against some tough competition.

Ziggy Acres TXE Shamrock

Next was Mike and he was nervous as can be because again the competition was tough.  Bada Bing Farm Holly won Jr. Reserve Grand Champion.  Bada Bing Farm Lillian won her class but that was it.  But…our Maudie Moo won it all AGAIN!  She took Grand Champion Saanen Doe, Champion Challenge Saanen Doe and BEST OF BREED!  She won her first champion leg and I have to admit, this was the first time we showed her in an ADGA show.

OHF CPP Mada aka Maudie Moo

When Mike went out for Best Doe in Show he had no expectations of winning it yet again.  As the judge discussed all the Best of Breed does, he said it came down to our Maude and the Toggenburg exhibited by Ann Weikel.  My heart was in my throat, I broke into a cold sweat, and I think I stopped breathing at one point.  I couldn’t believe Mike looked so calm.  The Togg won by an inch but the judge said it was close.  We were thrilled anyway.

After coming home with a pile of ribbons and plaques (I had won two tiny little blue ribbons for my goat milk soap), I told the kids how extremely proud I was of them.  It was nice to see them go from standing in 10th place 3 years ago to winning Best of Breed and Best Doe in Youth Show this year.  Our goal is to always improve and do better by learning from your mistakes.  Sometimes luck has a little to do with it to but the kids definately deserved it.  Especially since my back surgery, Mike and Katie have been basically running the farm on their own doing all the hard work that comes with running a dairy.  It made the wins especially sweet for them.

Less than a week after we were home, kidding season kicked off.  Our nubian doe Violet gave us triplet doelings!  The next morning Katie’s favorite doe Francessca went into labor.  After 7 hours of her pushing and Katie and I trying to pull the now dead kid out, we had to put her down.  I did a c-section on her hoping there was another viable kid behind the stuck one but unfortunately all were lost.  I felt so incrediably bad for Katie as she just adored Francessca.  She was so excited for her to have her babies because she was hoping for spotted babies like Francessca.  I always feel like I have failed when this is the outcome of a bad situation.  Even the vet said I did everything I could but my mind always goes over and over it again telling me I should of or could of done something else.

Francessca as a doeling

Katie came in the house and cuddled with the three little doelings that were born the day before.  Sometimes snuggling with a newborn baby goat can cure what ails your heart.  Unfortunately the next day we lost the smallest of the three doelings.  I noticed her having labored breathing the night before but didn’t say anything to anyone as I didn’t want to add insult to injury after losing Francessca.  By noon time she was truly suffering so I gave her meds to go to sleep.  I held her in my arms until she passed.  She was only a little over 24 hours old but somehow had my heart.  I don’t think any goat has ever passed away on my farm without me shedding a few tears.

I have lots of does due to kid any day now.  I am praying everything goes much easier and without shedding anymore tears.  Although farm life can be so rewarding, it can also just truly down right suck sometimes as well.

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