3 Dead and Counting!

I am a hunter on a mission!

When we were renovating this house back in the spring, I realized mice once lived here.  An abundance of mice that is.  Since all the droppings I found were dried and rock hard, I figured it must have been a past problem…WRONG!

A week or so ago, Mikey lifted a pillow off of his bed and found a mouse.  He screamed and the mouse went running.  He tells me about it.  Totally wanting to vomit, I quickly purchased mouse traps and poison.  Vince sees me with the trap and announces I am not setting them right.

He grabs them from me, all disgusted like, telling me…”You have to put peanut butter on the trap.  Geez, I can’t believe you thought the old wives tale of cheese actually works”.  He loaded my traps with the greatest mouse catching peanut butter that was ever made (according to him anyway) and I set them in strategic places throughout the kitchen and Mikey’s bedroom.

I check them the next day…nothing.  The next day…nothing.  And again, a day later…still nothing.  I am starting to think it is a stray mouse who was scared off by Mikey’s blood curdling screams.  Then Mike comes to me.  “Mom, I think the mouse is really smart.”  “Why?”, I ask.  “Well, because the trap in my room is glistening clean.  There isn’t one tiny hint of peanut butter on it anywhere and it is still set.”  I am now up, checking all the traps.  Yep, he is right.  Every single trap is still set but the peanut butter is completely gone.

Damn mouse!  It  must be slick as rat, fat on peanut butter, and laughing himself to sleep under the blankets on Mikey’s comfortable bed.

So this past weekend, we were invited over to a couple’s house that we recently made friends with.  They are kind of  family in a round about way.  Anyway, they used to live here once a upon a time and milked cows here.  So I tell them about the mouse problem.

Come to find out, they had a mouse problem as well AND she even saw a RAT (OMG) once in the laundry room.  If I see a rat in my house, I think I would mess my pants first and then faint dead away second.  They say, “Just wait until the fall after the corn and soybeans are cut and the weather gets cold.  Then you will really have mice.”  They suggest poison and glue traps.  I come home with a renewed determination to take care of this problem.

So yesterday, I decided I am switching from Vince’s peanut butter to my original idea of cheese in the traps.  I set them before we head out to milk last night.

Since last night, I have caught 3 in the traps!  I, of course, have to tell Vince that my cheese works better than his peanut butter…Thank You Very Much!  But hold on a second, I thought I only had one mouse.  Seems I have more than one.  I wonder how many I actually have and if I have this many in the house now, what is the fall going to be like?  What else is scurrying around after dark?

Old farm houses are neat with lots of character but is seems they have a lot of creepy crawly spiders (I am scared to death of spiders) and mice.  This is the part no one thinks of reminding you of when you start talking about how “cool” the place is. 

On another note, I can fish better than Vince (he has still never caught a darn thing since we have been married while I sit directly beside him and catch one after another), and now I can hunt better than him as well!  Ok, so hunting mice and “hunting” are maybe a little different.  He said, “Can you pee standing up?”  I said, “Yep, just not a neatly as you can.  Can you give birth to a baby?”  He walked away…dazzled yet again by my abilities!  🙂

Hold on…I got to go…I just heard another trap snap!

About asciotti

Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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6 Responses to 3 Dead and Counting!

  1. Michelle says:

    Too funny! Better you than me, though. We haven’t had mice in this new house but they get in the vehicles sometimes — YUCK! The solution I’ve found is “Just One Bite Bar” poison. No traps to empty, or stuck, squirming mice in glue, or boxes to deal with. They are supposed to eat it and leave to find a water source, and it must work because I don’t find dead mice in the car, or more importantly, SMELL dead mice in the car.

  2. Shawna says:

    You gave me a scare with the title of your blog! I was relieved to see you were mouse hunting! One word of caution with the sticky traps, if you have cats in the house, put those traps where the cats can’t step on them. I can tell you from experience, cats go haywire when their little paws are firmly glued to those things! Then the dogs go nuts trying to catch the cats and “take their prize” away from them. You end up with a wild goat rope (sorry, couldn’t resist)on your hands. LOL.

  3. aimee says:

    Mice destroyed my refrigerator! They shorted it out by peeing on the wires. The repairman who came out says he sees it a lot; warmth, water, and food equals mice. I shoved mouse poison under there and no repeats yet…. good luck!

  4. Ann Lawson says:

    OMG–I too was frightened when I saw the title of your latest blog. I was thinking goats, but then thought twice because you would never entitle your blog that way if you were talking about your babies. Anyway, I am delighted that you have the upper hand in the mouse trap game that you and Vince are playing. I am further elated by the fact that you are better at fishing than him…hehehehe. I will be sure to remind him of these tidbits over the Labor Day Holiday when we roll in for some good ole’ country picnicing. I hope the fun continutes at the Bada Bing Farm!

  5. Paul says:

    Before last year, I used the live trap until I ran into Houdini the Mouse, who could get into the trap, eat the bait, and leave the trap without damaging it. I resorted to the snap trap with peanut butter, and quickly nailed two under my kitchen sink. It turns out that the common gray house mouse is rather dumb, but the white-footed deer mouse is quite careful and clever, ergo the snap trap. This year, the deer mice got into the garage and the bird seed, so I wasted no time putting out the snap trap. Boom! I nailed 5 in less than a week. Then I built a feeding station and laced it with poison bars, and placed it along an outside wall of my house. Nibble nibble for a few days. then no more. It’s been weeks since the bait has been disturbed. I figure i wiped out the local population, but I’m not taking any chances – the poison will stay out year round. This is war!

  6. Paul says:

    It’s me again. Time for an update. By the way, we live in suburbia. Since I closed up what appeared to be the entry into the house, and laid out the poison as previously described, I have not seen any evidence of mice in the house. I also removed all the seed from the garage. However, last week as I was pulling in the car, I noticed some scurrying on the floor in the back near the workbench. I did have a poison block in the garage and I check it often, but it had not been touched recently. So I laid out a peanut butter laden snap trap and caught one right away. The little bugger actually dislodged the bait plate and took it with him to his grave. So off to home depot to get more traps. The next night, its mate picked the trap clean without tripping it. Same thing for three more settings (I check twice a day). Just to give me an added edge, I placed a small drop of oil on the business part of the trap’s trip mechanism. However, I did notice some activity on the poison block, so I’m expecting that Mr./Mrs. Mouse will soon get either very thirsty or very careless. I prefer careless so I can get a trophy out of all of this. My wife cringed when I told her what I was up to, exhorting me to use a live trap, but as we know, either the mice are too clever and can get in and out of such a trap, or if you do get them live, they don’t stand a chance upon release into the woods. Disoriented and panicky mice taken out of their territory are easy prey for other animals. Pick your poison so to speak, but I prefer to drop the live trap and its contents into a bucket of water. It’s relatively quick, and probably just as horrific for the mouse. Call me cruel, but I’m not putting my home and family in jeopardy for the sake of humaneness. Some choices are tough. One just has to steel one’s nerves and do it. I suspect that the mice are getting into the garage by squirming underneath the door since it is not a perfect seal. I’ll have to deal with that in the spring as it is too cold to work out there now. We’ve had a relatively mild fall until this week. The mice showed up on cue as soon as the nighttime temperatures plummeted to well below freezing.

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