Judging, Showing, and Appraisals

Sorry it’s been awhile, I’ve been busy!

A couple of weeks ago, I judged the York County 4H Round Up Dairy Goat Show.  This was the first time I ever did any “official” judging.  I think I was as scared as the kids were.  The kids were great, did an excellent job, and really have some very nice goats.  York County’s 4H’ers are to be respected as quality breeders.  I would have been proud to own many of these does.  Here are a few pics…(my Mom’s the photographer)

The very next day, Mikey and I headed up to Clinton County Fair to show a few Nubians and his pride and joy, Bada Bing Farm Holly.  The night before, Vince forgot we were showing and milked out the girls.  We loaded them at about 3 am for the trip north and I knew they weren’t going to be in full milk for the show.  They didn’t place bad considering and Mikey won Best Junior Doe in Show with his Holly.  Here is a picture of him and Holly…


The following Monday we headed south to Queen Anne’s County Fair in Maryland.  We took Belinda and won Grand Champion Alpine.  We took several Nubians and won Grand Champion (Clover), Reserve Grand Champion (Cricket’s Kids Tai’s Fantasia or as we call her “Tasni”) and Reserve Jr. Grand Champion (Shannon who is a Clover Granddaughter) in the Nubian show as well.  It was so hot…100 degrees and humid but it was a lot of fun anyway.  Both Mikey and Katie had an excellent day.  Here is a picture of them with their girls in the Best Doe in Show line up (Mikey with Belinda and Katie with Clover)…


So now my attention has turned to getting ready for Linear Appraisal which is this September 3rd and 4th.  The Saanens and Nubians are all being appriased.  I’ve been clipping and trimming feet in 95 degree weather.  The bucks are coming into full rut and smell to high heaven.  Flame and Joshua are currently “busy” working.  They got the talk…”Now listen here boys.  I want show stopping, milk like cows, doelings please.  Be a good boy and listen now”.  They just look at me like I’m nuts.

Ok, your up to date if you actually are a faithful Bada Bing Farm Blog Reader and if you actually are…then your just as nuts as I am 🙂

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Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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2 Responses to Judging, Showing, and Appraisals

  1. yellowrosefarm says:

    You are a busy woman! Congratulations on being an “offical judge”! I would have been nervous as a cat 9 miles from dirt! You have some beautiful goats! I have a question on showing goats, I’ve only shown horses and ponies. Why do the kids wear all white? Don’t they get terribly dirty? I know from experience, while wearing a white western shirt at shows, that’s the cue for the horse to sneeze green snot all over you, rub his head on you and get you as dirty as possible.

    • asciotti says:

      Aahhh, Yes…I have asked this myself about a million times. When showing dairy animals you wear all white. Supposed to look more “dairy” or something. 4H kids will wear black jeans and white shirt or all white.

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