Going Goat Showing

It just about time to head out to several ADGA shows.  I am going to three in the next month or so.  Goshen Country Fair, Clinton County Fair, and new this year, the Queen Anne’s Fair in Maryland.

I love to show my goats.  Why, I am really not sure.  I think it is because I love my girls so much and enjoy showing them off.  Also, I always learn so much, meet new people, and get to talk “goats” with other “goat people”.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…I need a life right?

I am taking a bunch of Nubians and one of them, my Dublin (AKA Lovey Dovey Dubbie Do) who is MY baby, I am really excited to show.  Every time I have shown her, she has done well.  Dubbie was shown as a Jr. kid and won Best Jr. Doe in Show at the Tioga County Fair.  I took her to the Pa State Farm Show, ran into a little politics, but she still placed 3rd in the largest class of all the breeds.  I was pleased to say the least.

Last year I didn’t show her as she was a dry yearling and was in the maturing stage.  She was kind of like a pimple faced, metal mouth teenage girl who is homely one year and a beautiful young lady the next.  Last September she was LA’d and the appraiser mentioned to me that he thought she would mature beautifully this year and have an awesome udder.  I bred her to Bada Bing Farm O’Danny Boy in hopes of a beautiful doeling out of her and crossed my fingers she would blossom into a gorgeous first freshening two year old.

Well somebody upstairs loves me because she gave me a beautiful doeling (Bada Bing Farm O’Shannon) who is just as sweet and lovey as Dublin is AND she is drop dead gorgeous!  I can’t wait to show her.  I will be shocked if she doesn’t do well.  A friend of ours and an ADGA judge stopped by the other week to look over my girls and give me his thoughts on who to show.  He spotted Dublin right off and said she was the nicest Nubian two year old he has seen all year.  My husband rolled his eyes as he knows my heart skipped a beat. 

Dublin and I have an extra special bond.  She just about died of pneumonia after the Tioga County Fair 2 years ago.  She got it right after I brought her home.  Most likely the stress of showing and the sudden drop in temperature caused it.  I was a mess to say the least.  I called the vet immediately and told him at all costs to make this goat well.  He gave her Nuflor and said it didn’t look good.  I jumped on the phone and called a friend and asked her what she thought.  She called her vet and gave me a list of meds and instructions from him.

I called my vet back, told him the ideas of the other vet and headed to his office to get the meds.  I spent two nights and two days in the barn.  I slept right beside her and only left her side to go to the bathroom.  Since then, we are extra close and she is most definately one of my favorite goats in the barn.

In addition to Dublin, I am taking 11 other does including Shamrock, Clover, and Mistake (all closely related to Dublin).  I am also taking my Shadow Girl (Dublin’s best buddy) and Ella who I wanted to show since I got her last September.

We are also taking one Alpine doe, Willow Run Rafe Belinda, who we are told is the nicest goat we have in our barn.  I purchased her in May from the Abrams (Kritter Kountry) in New York.  The Abrams have wonderful animals who are all healthy and well cared for.  These are the nicest does I’ve purchased in awhile and I told the Abrams I would love to have the opportunity to buy more from them.  Belinda became a quick favorite of my kids and they constantly fight over her as they both want to claim her for their own.

Mikey is taking a couple of Saanens as well including a first freshening two year old, Lillian, who is his girl.  Lilly is out of Millie who is his Showmanship doe.  Millie is about the hardest working goat in our barn as she really knows how to put it in the milk pail.  My God can that goat milk.  If I had a barn full of Millies I might not have a barn of Champions but I would be swimming in milk.   She is hardy, tall, long, easy to handle, and laid back as well.  I’ll be keeping all of her daughters as Lilly has proven she can milk like her mother too.

Ok, I’m done bragging about my girls.  Hey come on…It’s my blog, I’m allowed 🙂

About asciotti

Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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3 Responses to Going Goat Showing

  1. yellowrosefarm says:

    Brag all you want about your goats! That shows great pride you have for them. I’m so glad Dublin recovered and is going back into the showring.

  2. Michelle says:

    I, too, enjoy every word, and the joy and pride you take in your goats!

  3. Bonnie Borasky says:

    You are certainly one proud momma!! So much you would have thought you gave birth to them yourself!!

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