It all goes to hell quick…

I’ve said it before and once again it proves to be true.  When Vince leaves this farm for business trips, all hell breaks loose.

Yesterday morning he left for NY.  I kissed him good bye and prayed that all would be ok.  Guess I didn’t pray hard or long enough.  He wasn’t gone a couple of hours when the pigs got loose.  Six Durocs running around 10 acres of pasture.  My goats were totally freaked out.  Katie and I are out there running, diving, lunging, grabbing, hollering, and wrestling pigs.  I’ll admit I was swearing as well.  Mikey came home along with three of my nephews.  It took all six of us but we got them back in.

Then I had a buck kid go down.  I knew right away it was pneumonia.  All this damp rainy weather is great for pneumonia and ringworm.  Of course, I was out of the few good drugs I needed to treat him.  I gave him some penicillin and banamine.  Then I was trying to get some fluids in him when I hear Mikey screaming bloody murder in the barn.

I go running, again, to the barn.  Except this time I am a little slower.  Remember I said I was wrestling pigs?  Remember I have that bad back and two back surgeries?  You guessed it, my back is out now.  So anyway, I could tell by Mikey’s screams something is really wrong.  I am running, well trying to run.  Katie comes flying out of the Milk House (she was making baby bottles to feed the little ones).  We get to him at the same time. 

He had Dew Drop (the herd queen) by the collar.  He is leaning over the fence, screaming hysterically, and holding onto her with all his might.  I can’t see what is wrong and I am hollering, “WHAT”!!??  That is when I notice that part of the wire from the fence has come loose and is punctured through her mouth.  He is desparetly trying to keep her from thrashing as it would rip her mouth off.

Katie goes running through the other gate to come around the other side and grab a hold of Dew.  I grab her from the front.  We have her wedged up against the gate.  Katie and I both holding on with all of our might.  Mikey lets go and goes running for the garage to get wire cutters.  I hear him screaming…his Dad locked the tool chest and he can’t find the keys.

Dew is really starting to flip out and we are barely holding onto her.  Knowing Mike is having trouble and knowing it won’t be much longer before Dew breaks loose…fearing she will thrash and make things worse, I tell Katie I am going to let go and try to pull the wire back through her mouth.

Katie braces herself, holds onto Dew tighter, and says “make it quick”.  I let go and in a flash I have it out of her mouth.  We bring her through the gate so I can now begin working on her and checking just how bad it is.  Luckily it wasn’t so bad.

I put her in the stand and begin cleaning her wound and trying to calm her down.  Within 15 minutes she is eating and seems to be fine.  Mike finally gets the tools unlocked and grabs the wire cutters.  He fixes the wire problem and we begin our chores.

By 10pm we are back in the house but my little “Tino” isn’t doing well.  I got up this morning and made a call to the vet.  She came out and together we got IV fluids and meds into him.  She also stocked my medicine cabinet for me…I needed Nuflor, Banamine, Dex, Lute, and IV set with lactated ringer.  $250 later, I have what I need to help the poor guy.

Tino is currently sleeping soundly on a blanket in a dog crate in the kitchen.  We decided it would be best for him inside where I can keep an eye on him and get him out of the dampness (it’s going to rain again today).  He could care less though as he is too weak to stand for long periods of time.  Poor guy must feel like a pin cushion after all the shots and fluids he got this morning.  He isn’t out of the woods yet but I have my fingers crossed for him.

One good thing, I found an excellent vet who owns goats and sheep.  It’s hard to find a vet who knows much about goats as they really don’t teach it in schools.  So I guess I am actually pretty lucky in that regard.

Vince is on his way home and the kids left for Hershey Park this morning.  I was supposed to leave for Wellsboro tonight but thinking I better stay until tomorrow morning so that I can give IV fluids to Tino again before I leave.  It’s a little much for Vince and Katie to do on their own.  Katie gives the shots…Vince is scared to death of needles (the wimp!).  By the way, Katie is 13.  Vince is 300lbs, 6 foot whatever, and he calls her to give shots when I am not here.

Hopefully we won’t have anymore “incidents”.  Probably won’t now that Vince is on his way home.  I am hoping I can get something done today besides chasing pigs, helping impaled goats, and giving shots.

I’m not a drinker but if I was, I would be drunk by now 🙂

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Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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One Response to It all goes to hell quick…

  1. Janice Williams says:

    Amy, How wonderful to know you’re still in business! I called the last phone # I had for you and it’s disconnected. I am hoping you can make it to our Second Annual Pet Expo in Elmira this September!! Please email me when you have time and tell me how to get to your farm!!

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