Poison Ivy, Rain, and the Pa Laurel Festival

I must make a statement…Poision Ivy SUCKS!!!  I am covered in it.  I itch from my split ends to the dirt on the bottom of my feet.  I’ve gotten shots, bathed in alcohol, and even have prayed for it to go away.  It seems I can’t get rid of it.  And yes I know…don’t scratch…yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever!

My flower beds or should I say weed and poision ivy beds haven’t been touched in 6 years.  I am not the gardener type.  I love flowers and vegetable gardens though.  Basically if you plant it, put plastic down and/or mulch the heck out of it, I will maintain it.  BUT…I hate weeding something that has been negelected.  AND…I stink at determining what is flowers and what is a weed. 

This year though will be known as the year I figured out EXACTLY what poison ivy looks like.  It took me pulling it out of flower beds for 8 hours before I realized it but I most definitely know now.  I have one more flower bed to go…Round Up has become my best friend in the fight of poison ivy.  I have to weed around the well house, pond, and waterfall and then I am done!  OH, I CAN’T WAIT!

I am sick of the rain as well.   It seems to have rained every day lately.  Even the goats are sick of it.  Thank God though that most things are paved here or we would be knee deep in mud like we were when we lived in Wellsboro.  The girls love their pasture but won’t go out into it if it is raining.  Which also means they don’t milk as well.  You can always tell when the girls have been out to pasture because milking takes twice as long…nice big full udders take awhile to milk out.  So, although I appreciate the rain, I wish we could get a break from it for a couple of days.

Tomorrow the kids are headed to Hershey Park with my Mom and Dad.  They haven’t been there since they were little.  Actually too little to remember.  I haven’t been there since Joey was about 6 years old…he is 19 now.  Hershey is so much fun if you love roller coasters.  They will love it.  But as soon as they come home we will milk and then I am headed to Wellsboro for the Laurel Festival.

I have so much to do between now and then.  I am headed to a local store for baskets for my soaps.  Then I have to go to Sam’s Club to get an air mattress and a new folding table.  I need to finish cleaning the house and doing the laundry.  Then load the truck for the trip.  Milk the goats, feed, water, etc.  Then drive four hours to Wellsboro.  Unload the riding mower and have Mikey mow the grass up there while I head over to town and set up my stand.  The Laurel Festival is Friday and Saturday.   Then I’ll bust it down, pack it up, and spend some time cleaning the house there in Wellsboro.  Sunday we drive back home to Lancaster County…

I need more hours in a day.  Scratch that.  I would probably use it for getting more work done.

On another note, I’ve been talking with the Food Network this past week.  They are looking to tape an episode of “Glutton for Punishment” at a goat dairy.  Nothing is set in stone but stand by and cross your fingers for us.

Ok, consider yourself updated.  I got to go bathe in more alcohol and get some work done.  Stop and visit me at the Laurel Festival!

About asciotti

Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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2 Responses to Poison Ivy, Rain, and the Pa Laurel Festival

  1. susan says:

    Lemon juice when you first get in poison ivy and I have no poison ivy ’cause my goats just love it!

    Hope your better!

    millstone farm

  2. Good luck with the poison ivy ~ that stuff is nasty!

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