An Update…

Aww geez…I’m still trying to get done.  I’ve given up on giving myself “deadlines”.  Deadlines are for those people who work in the concrete jungles and sit in little cubicles all day drinking coffee and answering the phone.  Deadlines aren’t for me anymore.  It’ll get done when it gets done.

So, we have every room in the house done except for the kitchen.  I just busted that all down today for Vince.  He is going to paint the ceiling for me tomorrow night and then the rest is up to me.  No big deal except…I’m sick of painting already!

I just helped Katie get all her furniture back into her room so she can actually sleep in her bed again.  I put the kids upstairs and told them they couldn’t eat until they got everything cleaned up, put away, and passed “Mom inspection”.  I certainly can’t list the house unless it is cleaned up.  Threatening with the lack of food always seems to work especially when you have a pot roast cooking in the crock pot and the smell has filled the house.

I’ve been busy kidding again too. 

Saturday, Vince and the kids left early in the morning to go to his Grandmother’s funeral.  I wanted to go but couldn’t seem to find anyone to do chores here for me.  I can’t blame anyone as this is a bit much…feeding 30 some babies and milking chores.  When I was milking in the morning I noticed my doe, Spinner, off in the corner by herself.  This was my first clue she was going to go before her due date (which was tomorrow).

 I finished milking only to notice Spinner was arching her back.  Quickly came inside and put milk away, washed everything, etc. etc. etc.  Ran back out to the barn to check on Spinner.  She wasn’t pushing yet.  Came back in the house.  Poured baked beans down my throat for breakfast only to realize I have no soda or iced tea to drink.  Ran back out to the barn to check on Spinner.  She was pushing now.  Noticed it was about time the milk should be done.  Ran back to the house, switched milk around (I was pasteurizing milk for the lunch bottle feeding).  Ran back out to the barn.  Delivered two babies from Spinner…girl and boy.  Ran back to the house with them and put them in the playpen.  It was time to feed the babies now.  Mixed up the milk, put more milk in pasteurizer, fed babies in the house.  Ran back to the barn.  Put milk buckets in the barn.  Ran back to the house and got molasses water (sucked carrying all the way to the barn but I did it…remember I have that bad back that doesn’t allow me to carry heavy items) and got pail to milk Spinner into.  Ran back to the barn, milked Spinner and gave her water.  Fed babies in first pen off of the bucket.  Fed babies in second pen (OMG!!! What fun that was as this is a two person job).  Noticed the girls were completely out of water.  Ran to the basement and hooked up hose.  Brought in down to the barn and filled up all the buckets.  Checked on Spinner again and noticed Yvonne is uddered and off in the corner by herself.  Ran back to the house with Spinner’s colostrum, empty buckets.  Let the dogs out.  Gave Spinner’s babies a bath, dipped their cords, and fed them colostrum.   I then waited for the milk to be done, filled up the dishwasher, made bottles, washed feeding buckets and then I head back down to the barn to check on Yvonne!  By the way…it’s was pouring raining all freaking morning too and the mud seems knee deep!  Yvonne kept me running to the barn to check on her until early this morning.  She had twins also…another boy and girl. 

My best Nubian doe, Clover (aka Clover Ann), is due on Friday.  I’m hoping she waits until then to go as I need a couple of good nights to rest.  I have my fingers crossed for a doeling out of her.  Last year I lost her daughter so I am hoping she gives me another this year.  She looks like she could be carrying twins or triplets again.

On another note, last spring I sold Mabel and Isabella.  I didn’t want to but at the time we needed to cut our numbers.  Katie was devastated as Isabella was her doll baby.  They came back in the fall and I bred them to Flame for their owner.  I offered to buy them back at that time.  Katie was again devastated as they left again after a month.  I just got an email this morning from their owner and she has changed her mind and will let me buy them back.  I double checked with Vince to make sure that it was ok to buy them and he said yes.  I called Katie into my office and said, “Guess what?”  She immediately was suspicious and said, “What?”  I told her we were buying Mabel and Isabella back and she got a huge smile on her face and hollered “YES!!!!”  In addition, I am buying back my Brianna and Twiggy as well who I had sold in the fall.  They were my babies and I never wanted to sell them but again, Vince said I had to cut my numbers.  Now they are coming back home too…

Ok, so that is the good…here is the bad.  That wonderful washing machine and dryer that I had saved up to buy back in January has taken a crap!  Yep, two months and I had to call in the repair guys for the 3rd time!  I purchased them at Sears in Wellsboro.  They were wonderful to me when they were taking my money.  Now I can’t seem to get anyone to even stay on the phone and they could care less about my purchase since then.

First the dryer broke…twice!  I finally went completely postal on the phone with Sears after getting no where with the Sears store here in Wellsboro.  I demanded a new dryer…not for this one to be fixed…but another brand new dryer.  They gave in and brought me one.  Over the weekend…you guessed it…the washer broke.  How did I know it broke?  My husband was in the basement, flipping out, swearing like a drunken sailor.  Katie came out of the basement and informed me it was because the washing machine was now not working!  I hit the roof to say the least!

The Sears store in Wellsboro again could care less.  I called the 1-800 number for repair.  After talking with the computer for 15 minutes, I finally get a real live and breathing female on the phone.  I explained my problem.  She apologizes.  Checks my warranty and says, “Your in luck.  Your washing machine is still under warranty.”  REALLY!  I WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT THAT SINCE I JUST PURCHASED IT TWO MONTHS AGO!  So she schedules the repair and tells me how important my business is to Sears and offers to give me some coupons for the next time I shop at Sears.  I told her I don’t think I’ll be buying anything at Sears ever again.

Sears of Wellsboro and Sears in general, I won’t be back unless of course maybe to drop off the lemon of a washing machine and dryer I purchased from you.  If you want my business, you could replace the washing machine with a brand new one and pay my laundromat bill I still seem to have even though I have brand new machines sitting in my basement collecting dust instead of doing my laundry!

Sorry, I had to get that off of my chest.  As you can tell, it still has me a tad bit upset.

Off to feed the babies…

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Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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