Remodeling/Renevating almost done!

Oh my gosh!!!  Every single muscle and bone in my body are sore.  I lost 10 pounds this week from plain old hard work.

I started painting last Saturday and haven’t stopped yet.  I got Mikey’s room, the upstairs hallway, the stairwell, the livingroom, and the diningroom all done…trim, walls, ceiling…done.  Thank God!  In addition, I’ve been trying to pack up as I went along.  As soon as I got a room done, we moved all the furniture out so that they could lay the new carpeting down.   I am so sick of painting, you have no idea!  I still have the kitchen and mudroom to do and I was pondering re-painting the master bath.  It could use it I think.

The entire house was carpeted this week except for the bathrooms, kitchen and mudroom.  I picked out this really neat looking berber carpeting.  I love it!  It feels so nice to walk across the floor in my socks.  Vince made the comment that it makes the house feel warmer which is a plus when it is only a balmy 8 degrees outside.  The kids are thrilled with how things are turning out and keep saying we should have done this years ago.  Vince and I actually just dug our heels in and worked without World War III happening between us.  I think we were too tired to argue.  🙂  (We always seem to be at each other’s throat when we work on “projects” together…love him, just hating working with him)

In addition to all the remodeling and renevating, I have been still doing my daily chores.  Milking and bottle feeding at a steady pace.  Also the does are still kidding.  Countess had twins on Monday, a doe and a buck.  Holy crap are they ever spotted.  The doeling has spots on top of spots.  Vince is trying to figure out how to describe her on the registration paperwork.  She doesn’t have one dominant color.  She is literally spotted with different colors from the tip of her tail to the tip of her nose!  The buck…man o’ day, I wish he was a girl.  He is just pefect in every way with those famous spots as well.  He has a wonderful personality too.  He will curl up in my lap after his bottle and go right to sleep.

My Mistaken Rose finially kidded the other night as well.  Poor Mistake, her single baby didn’t make it.  He was born with his organs on the outside of his body.  I felt so bad for her.  I had worked on the house all day and was so tired but I knew she was going to kid so I stayed awake.  At 3 in the morning with little progress, I went inside and helped her.  I pulled out the kid and knew immediately he wasn’t going to make it.  I wasn’t sure if she was done kidding so I stayed with her until 6 in the morning.  I came back in the house to wake up the rest of the family as it was time for milking and feeding chores.  I explained to the kids what had happened and Mikey was so upset as this is his Nubian doe.

Since I had been up for over 24 hours and spent the night in the cold barn, Vince and the kids took pity on me.  I layed my head down with all my clothes on (including my winter hat), covered up, and was fast asleep in minutes on the livingroom sofa.  I slept for 3 hours while they did the morning chores.  When Carl came to install more carpeting, I got my backside up and began painting again.  Last night I was fast asleep by midnight and could have slept until noon today if I didn’t have responsibilities to take care of.  But at least I got a full 6 hours of rest before I was back at it again this morning.  Hard work never killed anyone right?

In addition to all the happenings here this week we got word that Vince’s Grandmother passed away.  Grandmom Galluppi, well into her 90’s, had a wonderful life.  I never met anyone who worked harder than she did.  She lived on her own and had a mind sharper than a tack until her final days.  She was wonderful and is finally in heaven with her husband who passed away many, many, many years ago.  I loved her.  She was so special to Vince because he was born on her birthday and he named our daughter after her.  The funeral is Saturday.  It’s going to be a tough day but I know she’s happy to be in heaven.

Off to go soak in a hot bath before I begin working again.

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Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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