Hello From the Pa State Farm Show

Hello from the Pa State Farm Show held in the Farm Show Complex Harrisburg, Pa.  


First off, let me just say I am sorry for the layout.  I am trying to post pictures and update my blog from a little laptop computer.  Being pressed for time, I’m not spell checking either. 

When we left bright and early this morning we had to deal with lake effect snows. 



Here is a picture of the ride down…








As soon as we arrived and unloaded the market goats, the kids got in line to weigh their animals.  Vince stayed with them and I went to see how my quilt did.  Here is a picture of the judging. 

Quilts being judged

Quilts being judged









After a few anxious moments…I finally found out I placed 3rd!  Not bad for a state competition!  Here is a picture of my quilt hanging.  It is the top one.  The scrap houses quilt.  It is actually king size but they can only show a very little since they have so many quilts to display.

Hanging my quilt

Hanging my quilt3rd Place Winner

 dscf7080I made the kids take this picture…They will kill me once they find out I posted it on my blog. 
Here is a picture of the famous butter sculpture and yes, it is completely made out of butter.  After the farm show is over it will be sent to a biodiesel company to be made into alternative energy…pretty cool huh?
Butter Sculpture

Butter Sculpture










And last but not least…animal pictures :).  Here are Mikey and Katie’s market goats and a couple of sleeping piggies.

Bolt (in back) & Jack (head in the hay)

Bolt (in back) & Jack (head in the hay)

Sleeping Piggies...aawww

Sleeping Piggies...aawww

After we got the goats all clipped and ready for the show tomorrow.  We gave them fresh water, a dish of grain, and hay to eat.  Vince had to leave right after weighing in the goats because he had to get back to the farm to take care of the animals.  They are calling for 7 to 9 inches of snow tomorrow back home and lows in the single digits.  I have to give him credit…he has to deal with the cold, snow, and doing all the farm chores all by himself for a whole week.  Not many husbands would do that. 
The kids and I tried to stuff ourselves along with all of our “stuff” for the next 9 days into the small car (husband took home the truck).  This poor little car is stuffed and I mean stuffed.  It took the kids 10 minutes to get themselves shoved into it.  I had to snap a picture of them.  I was laughing hysterically.  I crawled in and told them to put their seat belts on.  They couldn’t even move.  Katie told me not to get into an accident because the cooler was going to go through her head.  Mikey had his face smack up against the back window.  He said, don’t get pulled over Mom because if you do I am going to say “What seems to be the problem officer?”  I was in tears laughing by now.




We are staying at my parents house who live just a few miles from the Farm Show Complex.  We will be sleeping at the Farm Show on Wednesday night – Saturday when Vince brings the dairy goats down for their shows.  I always stay with our dairy goats.  I don’t stay with the market projects because I am not attached to them and don’t want to be.  I am the only one in my family that seems to have a hard time with the “market” end of being a farmer.  I don’t force my kids to do a market project but I always tell them if they choose to do one to keep in mind it is a “terminal” project.  They seem to be fine with it.  It’s harder on me than anyone else.  Must be the “city slicker” in me.
Tomorrow they are also calling for snow here in Harrisburg but a big snow here is nothing compared to Tioga County.  The 4H/FFA market goat show is tomorrow.  I think the market lamb show is also tomorrow.  I will take more pictures and if it isn’t too late, I will post again when I get back to my parents’ house.

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Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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