Bada Bing’s Pimp Daddies

Meet the Bada Bing Boys…Ralph, Flame, Malamo, Vince, and Clover’s Danny Boy!


I-Spy a Ralpho or otherwise known as just plain old Ralph is everyone’s favorite.  He was purchased as a week old buckling from Mandi Ziegler near Pittsburgh, Pa.  Immediately, he stole the show around here.  Cute, cuddly, and handsome.  He was born on my birthday…April 5thwhich gives him a special place in my heart as well.  Two years ago he gave me all boys.  This past fall, I had a long talk with him over a couple slices of bread and an apple (his favorite treats).  “Listen here stud muffin…I want girls this year.  Drop dead, gorgeous, show stopping little ladies.  Give them excellent conformation, udders, and milk ability.  No faults whatsoever, flashy, spots, and excellent personalities.  Got it?  Understand where I am coming from?”  Of course, he didn’t answer me but he did give me more girls than boys this year and although they aren’t “perfect in every way”, they are beautiful, can hold their own in any ADGA show, and have wonderful personalities just like their Daddy.  Ralph is also an excellent Daddy, allowing his 3 month old sons to share his grain and hay with him.  He also snuggles for afternoon naps with them and they like using him as a spring board to jump off of.  That’s my Ralph, you just gotta love him!

*B Saada Blue Flame or as we call him “Flame” was purchased this past winter.  Katie and I have always coveted the Saada Nubians (  They are just beautiful animals.  We have one doe, Countess, who is from the Saada herd and always wanted to get a buck.  After being on a waiting list, saving her 4H money for two years, she finally got her chance to purchase her first Saada buck.  Flame is also another gentle giant.  I don’t know what he will be like in full rut but he absolutely loves living here.  He has a blast running, jumping, and playing in the boys pasture.  He brings all those Saada genetics that we love and can’t wait to see what his babies are like.  Flame has one champion leg earned last year. 

SMVF Vincenzio or Vince as we call him is from our doe Saada Royal Countess and Ralph.  He is the best of both worlds so to speak.  He was bred to our I Spy a Gem and unfortunately gave us two drop dead show stopping boys.  One with spots and one without!  All we kept saying is WOW are they ever nice babies.  Although Vince is nothing to look at so to speak, he at least throws beautiful babies.  We are planning on repeating the same breeding this year in hopes for girls this time.  I guess I need to feed him a few slices of bread and an apple while giving him the “listen here bucko” talk.  Worked on Ralph, hopefully it will work with him also.

Royal Colors CM Alamo X, better known as Malamo is our one and only Saanen buck.  He is from Todd Biddle’s herd in Lancaster Co. Pa.  Another sweetie, spoiled rotten lover boy.  He gave us three girls and two boys this past spring.  All were very nice.  Both boys were sold as intact bucks as well.  His one daughter took two Grand Champions and another daughter took two Reserve Grand Champions at their first ADGA show.  That put a huge smile on Mikey’s face and won Malamo an extra scoop of grain that night.  Everyone loves Malamo’s “perm” (see pic).  We will be on the lookout for another buck come next spring to breed to Malamo’s daughters.

Lucky Clover’s Danny Boy AKA Danny Boy.  Also known as sweetiepea, handsome man, lover boy, and on and on (can you tell I love this little guy?).  Yep, he has stolen my heart!  He is out of Clover which is our best doe in my opinion.  Clover had triplets this year, two boys and a girl.  All three were just beautiful and we were sooo excited!!!!  Unfortunately we lost the little girl (see post “St. Patrick got his goat back”).  I kept looking at the two boys and saying, “you two should have been girls”.  I decided to keep them both and wether one as a companion buddy for the other.  I kept looking them over and over, trying to decide who I should keep intact.  I picked Danny but it was a close call.  I asked Vince who he would pick.  I told him I picked one and just want to see if you pick the same one as it was a difficult decision for me.  It was hard for him to decide also but he picked Danny Boy as well.  I just can’t wait for his kids.  I am so excited to see what he gives us.  Danny Boy has the neatest personality.  Any female that comes here seems to be drawn to him.  He is constantly hugged and kissed.  Mikey says he can’t believe what a “chick magnet” that goat is.  Everyone loving on him and saying how “handsome and cute” he is.  He’s special and he’s not going anywhere unless of course he throws goats with three eyes or something.

All the boys will get the “talk” this year and threatened with the removal of their manhood unless they produce females.  All are spoiled rotten but are gentle giants as well.  Personality is important to us.  Any 200 to 300lbs animal that isn’t gentle with me and the kids goes down the road.  I refuse to be afraid of them, have my children hurt, or have to worry about my bad back when handling them.  In return, they are given their own nice large pasture and barn to live in.  We treat the boys just as well as the girls.  They get the same attention…brushing, trimming, feed, toys, treats, etc.  I think handling them regularly has helped to keep them happy, healthy, and gentle.  I just walk into their pasture and give a holler…”Handsome boys” and they all come running.  Now if I could only train my husband to be the same way!

Anyway…that is the Bada Bing Boys.  Otherwise known as Mommy’s Pimp Daddies.

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Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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