Look What the Cat Drug In!

I might as well admit it.  I have lost complete control of my two kids left at home.  It is me, all alone, against them and I am loosing the battle.

In all fairness, the first round of me vs. a teenager left me haggard and worn down.  Joey put me in a crazed state from time to time.  I didn’t have enough time to recover from the first round.  Now the next round consists of not one teenager but two at the same time.  Only back from camp for a few days and these kids have me exhausted.

First off, Mikey came home with a cold.  What does that mean?  Means it has been only 3 days and I now have the cold.  It isn’t good for me to feel under the weather because it is all I can do most days to just keep up with these two. 

After a weekend of barn cleaning and garden weeding with their Dad which left him thankful to be on the road Monday morning, left me here feeling lowsy with two “I know everything and you are so stupid” teenagers. 

I asked Mike to clean the powder room.  Get this, he used my DISHTOWEL (yes I said DISH towel) to clean the toilet with!!!  My head nearly exploded when I saw it.  “What in your upbringing made you think to use the dishtowel as a toilet rag?  Why in God’s name would you use something we dry dishes with or our hand with to clean urine and feces off of the toilet?”  His reply…”I don’t know” while standing there looking at me as if I am completely ridiculous.  He also stated he usually uses one of my dishtowels every other time he has had to clean the powder room.  OMG!!!  “I guess I might as well use them all as rags and go buy new ones” was my thought as my stomach was turning/churning from being completely grossed out.

I know I have asked them to clean up the kitchen about a million times since I woke up this morning.  They were actually cleaning the kitchen at 1 am the other night because “they forgot” they were supposed to do it before going to bed.  Vince made them get up and clean it.  Thing is, it has ALWAYS been the rule to clean up after yourself but according to them, they can’t remember (“I forgot”), they didn’t hear me tell them to (“you never told us to”…yes, I did), or it is a great injustice being forced upon them to clean up after themselves (“why do I have to do it”? or the ever famous….”it isn’t fair”).  My favorite excuse?  The never ending chorus of, you guessed it~~~”It’s not my mess” & “I didn’t do it” or “It wasn’t me”.  When those words roll out of their mouths it is all I can do to keep control.

The Gosslin 8 have nothing on these two.  It is like having twenty 3 year olds flying about the house with permanent markers, crayons, playdough, and a hammer.  The pigs are cleaner and cause me less grief!  Think I am exaggerating?  Here is the proof…read on, I dare you!

Vince pulls out of the driveway this morning.  Waving good-bye and wishing me well.  I waved back, smiling, thinking “the lucky son of a beep gets to leave and I am stuck here all alone with these two”!  I made soap, was drinking a cup of coffee and checking emails when I hear Katie hollering “MOM”. 

Oh good Lord, what can it be now.  She finds me.  Mikey is jumping like a mexican bean behind her.  “Mom, look what Lilly (her cat) had in my bedroom”.  I see this poor little baby bunny in her hand missing some of it’s hide.  “Where did she have it?  In your bedroom?”, I ask.  “Yep”, she replies.  “I was sleeping and I heard this squeaking noise that woke me up.  I looked down and saw Lilly with the bunny in her mouth”.  My response…”you mean to tell me you have wild animals in your room”?

She just looked at me.  Vince isn’t gone an hour and I am faced with my first dilema.  How to care for a baby bunny (I have never even had a pet rabbit) and it’s wild & injured.  Second, their bedrooms (they are upstairs & ours is on the first floor FAR away from theirs thank God) must absolutely be horrible if they have wild animals in their rooms and don’t even realize it.

So I have to go to the farm store and buy rabbit food and a water bottle for a wild bunny that was injured on my daughter’s bedroom floor by her indoor only cat.  I am not even going to try and explain how that came to be. 

I also purchased fruit trees today and was dumb enough to bring Mike along with me.  Holy Crap!  I was ready to kill him.  Jumping and running around, grabbing trees, telling me to buy this one and this one and this one too. 

He is 13, she is 12.  I have a 18 year old in the Marine Corp.  A husband who travels Monday through Friday.  A farm to run that consists of milking dairy goats, sheep, pigs, 1 chicken and 1 duck.  Add the garden, cleaning, cooking, laundry, and a soap business.  Now throw in the gift of a head cold from Mike.  Hold on, that’s not it.  2 dogs and 1 untrained puppy, 6 cats, 1 bird, and now an injured wild baby bunny. 

It’s no wonder I am nuts!  Top it off, the day isn’t over yet.  Heck, it isn’t even dark outside yet.  A lot more can happen before I crawl into bed. 

Are you laughing yet?  Please tell me you are.  I mean it has got to be funny when you are on the outside looking in.  Vince is still laughing, I am sure!

And to my parents, here is a private message for you….I know that I caused you many heartaches and worry filled nights.  I know you said over and over again how you wished for me children just like myself, how paybacks are hell, etc. etc. etc.  You can take off the curse now!!!  Please, I beg you!  I have gotten my paybacks ten fold.  I apologize in front of the entire world and admit that I was wrong and you were right.  Now please, please, take back the curse!!!

Help, my kids are driving me nuts!

About asciotti

Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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4 Responses to Look What the Cat Drug In!

  1. Philomena Maleski says:

    Did you know I had a dream of you last night and there was a goat walking around in your house and when you saw me you were like “Get out of my house!” because you did not know me and then I was like “Wait I am Philomena I read your blog remember” and you were like “Oh ok” and you became nice and were like “Come here honey” and that was the end of the dream it was really stange but oh well.
    Anyways I will not be able to read these much and comment because for the summer I will be at my sisters taking care of three kids and they don’t have a computer and as soon as I send my lap top back to PACyber then we won’t either I am going back to my sisters today at 11 she is dew with another baby the end of this month so believe me it is busy but of course not as busy as you so good luck and hope you liked my dream.

  2. Philomena Maleski says:

    By the way thanks for the updates they were funny and interesting.

  3. Arkansas goat mom says:

    Just wanted to write to you my heartfelt sympathies. The only thing worse would be having two girls, because believe me the hormones in constant collision just make everything that much worse. Yes, I have 2 teen girls, lol. One is about to turn 18, and we are starting to see signs of normalization. Their older 21 year old sister is a dream to be around, but I have to keep reminding myself of when she was 18 and I could hardly wait to get her out the door. I guess you can have the hope of this all getting better, if you have any teeth left after gritting them for so long. :o) Poor thing!!! I do feel for you. I am a bit jealous of those 2nd floor bedrooms that can be out of sight out of mind. Something that works: no TV, DVD, various electronic devices, books, etc., until chores are done, bedroom cleaned, bathroom messes clean (uh and not with a kitchen dish towel…). They either 1)go to bed early or 2)actually do their chores without complaining. In either case, it is pretty peaceful and the house stays picked. Drawback, you have to do some spot inspections, in timely fashion or they start to not take you seriously.

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