No More!

Oh, I am sooo scared.  I recently took the plunge and quit my job to run this farm and my Goat Milk Soap business.  Am I nuts?  Did I make a mistake?  Will I regret it?

I have been a 911 dispatcher for I don’t know, 15 some years.  I first became a dispatcher at Lancaster County 911.  I really loved my job there.  I loved it so much that when we decided to move to the north central mountains of PA, I knew I wanted to dispatch here in Tioga county.

I went from taking armed robberies, police pursuits, drugs, rapes, murders, and such to calls that entailed people hitting a bear with their car.  What a complete difference.  Although, I’ll admit that I missed the excitement and adrenalin rush that I got working at Lancaster County 911…I did like the peace and quit at times.  Tioga was definately a lot less stressful than Lancaster was.

Anyway, this farm has become very busy and the soap business is booming.  I start my days before dawn and usually crawl into bed around midnight.  I do it all…I am the milkmaid, groomer, feeder, soap maker, chemist, marketing specialist, web designer, and graphic artist.  I trim hooves, answer the phone, and deliver the products.  I am the manufacturing department, marketing department, chemistry department, purchasing department, and human resources.  I have one employee who is totally over worked and under payed!  Who to complain to though?  There is no one beside myself and I have heard it all before.  The goats listen to me without any interruptions at least!

Anyway, when I started turning customers away, I knew it was time to quit my job.  I am offically retired from the 911 dispatching business.  I’ll miss it I am sure but I am looking forward to having evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays OFF.  Yes OFF!!!  No more Christmas Eves, Christmas Days, Thanksgiving and Easter days too. 

No more trying to decipher rude drunks over the phone.  No more nasty and grumpy John Q. Public screaming at me and calling me “not so nice” names because I refuse to tell them the time.  (“This is 911 sir.  I am not Big Ben.  Have a great day and let me just say THANKS for teaching me 12 new cuss words I didn’t know before your call!”…click)

No more trying to talk people out of suicide just to hear them pull the trigger anyway.  No more little children 10 & 12 years old trapped in a fire and begging for help when you know Command just evacuated the fire fighters out of the building and help isn’t coming.  No more violent domestic arguments and listening to your caller get beat with the phone when she has been caught calling 911.  No more delivering babies or at least trying to help deliver them over the phone.  No more deaths either.  No more drunks.  No more idiots.  No more, No more, No more!!!! 

So…Here is to working hard, except this time~~~I’m working hard for myself. 

Anybody want to buy any soap? 🙂

About asciotti

Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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2 Responses to No More!

  1. Bonnie says:

    Congrats Amy!! I was wondering how long it would be before you would hang up your 911 hat. I know you will enjoy doing exactly what you are doing, because after all, this is what was meant for you….and I know YOU know that already. Good luck with everything. I hope to be able to come visit one day and see the beautiful life you and Vince have made. You’ve come a long way from the streets of Philly (and when we first met), and should be very proud of your decisions, accomplishments and family. You’ve done real good kid. –Bonnie

  2. Michelle says:

    Wow, that’s a big step, but after you outlined the kinds of things you’ve dealt with in that last paragraph, I can’t imagine how you could be a dispatcher for so long. You must be very strong emotionally to have handled the worst kind of calls.

    I hope your soap business continues to grow. I would think that in this economy, fine soap would be one of those affordable luxuries that people will continue to indulge in, maybe even more so when they can no longer afford the vacations and fancy restaurants!

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