Bada Bing’s Bad Week

So it’s Wednesday at midnight.  I am exhausted.  Last round of milk is in the pasteurizer.  It finally buzzes meaning it is done and I can now go to bed.  Thank God, I just want to go to sleep.  I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, and making soap. 

I unplug the pasteurizer, take off the lid and pull out the very hot, large, and heavy canister of milk.  As I am pulling it out, a little milk splashes on my hands.  My natural reaction is to let go.  All the milk spills out and down the front of me.  My hands, arms, legs, and feet are immediately wet with boiling hot milk and cream.

I scream, jump back, and immediately slip and fall.  I am flailing around on the kitchen floor in the hot milk, burning myself, swearing, and trying to get up.  Did you ever see a fish out of water?  Flopping around?  That was me.  I crawl out of the kitchen, start peeling off my clothes, and run to my bathroom.  I jump in the tub and turn on the cold water.  By now I realize it is very bad.  I am in an immense amount of pain.  I have blisters all over my arms and feet.  I notice they are popping and reforming.  Not good…means this is a bad burn.

I am sitting in the tub of cold water, crying, and wondering what I am going to do.  I know I should be on my way to the emergency room but I don’t want to leave my kids all alone at the house in the middle of the night.  Katie and Mikey are up and cleaning the 3 gallons of milk off of the kitchen floor.

An hour goes by and I am still in the tub trying to ease my pain.  I crawl out, dry off, assess the damage (blisters, bruises, and burns), pop a couple of pain pills and go to bed.  I should have gone to the emergency room but being a 911 dispatcher you need to be dying or just about dead before you stroll into the ER.  I am laying in bed, still crying from the pain, and mad as hell.  Why mad?  I just cleaned the kitchen top to bottom.

The next day I discover one of my babies has a gash on his side.  What the heck did Danny Boy get into?  Doc Burleigh (my wonderful vet who is never allowed to retire) can’t come out to stitch him up because he is backed up with emergencies (cows down, prolapses, etc.).  It could use stitches but it doesn’t look that horrible so I clean his wound well with peroxide and iodine.  I give him a shot of penicillin and spray it with blue coat.  He cries in pain and I feel horrible for him.  I sit down on a bale of hay and he crawls into my lap.  I sit and snuggle with him.  I pet him and he tells me all about his problems and I tell him all about mine.  Poor little guy, I feel his pain. 

Next day I go out to the pasture to play with the babies.  I notice one of the saanen doelings, Petunia, is walking funny.  She happens to turn and I notice her complete one side is peeled back.  I mean literally.  You can see her muscles, veins, ligaments, etc.  It looks like someone tried to skin her alive.  I scoop her up and holler to Vince for help. 

I make a call to the vet and tell him this one is really bad and she absolutely needs vet care and stitches.  Vince and I discover a piece of cattle panel fencing is the culprit of our caprine injuries.  He immediately starts taking down the fencing and we doctor little Petunia the best we can until Doc can get there.

I have mandatory training at work so I leave Vince in charge of my little lady.  I just feel horrible.  My burns are still causing me pain (3rd degree by the way) and I feel guilty for Petunia and worried Doc will give me a grim prognosis.

My first break at work I call Vince to get the scoop.  He reports Doc was there and fixed her up and says she will be fine.  He says she is eating and drinking her bottle like nobody’s business and you would never know there is anything wrong with her.

So that was my week.  My burns are still killing me.  They look disgusting but they are getting better.  The kids are kind enough to remind me they are gross looking and creep them out.  Little Petunia and Danny Boy (my little handsome snuggle bug) are healing well.  They play, eat, and drink like nothing is wrong with them.  The cattle panels are down and hopefully they won’t find anything else to get into.  They stay off of the other fencing because it is hot high tensil and bites them back so to speak.  Today I sold my last 2008 baby and I already miss her.  Vince still says I should have kept her but you just can’t keep them all.  I know she went to an excellent home so I won’t worry about her.  But, I still will miss her.

Tomorrow is Monday.  It will start all over again…cleaning, laundry, and making soap.  Let’s hope it doesn’t include emergency vet calls and burns to my body.  If it does…I will be making a trip to the liquor store and practicing may prounciation of Italian cuss words.

About asciotti

Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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One Response to Bada Bing’s Bad Week

  1. Philomena Maleski says:

    Oh I am very sorry for you! It must be really hard. But you know what… it can all be worth it! Just offer it up to Jesus, give it all up to him so he can make your suffering into wonderful joy and he can raise your place in heaven. He will be so so happy if you just say ” Jesus I offer my suffering up to you” You will see instead of missery you will feel joy.
    Don’t waste your suffering. For he loves you dearly!

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