The Mad Soaper

Ok, so I have been slacking on posting new blog entries.  I knew I better write something when I started getting emails from around the country asking if I am alright.  Yep…I am good, just busy, busy, busy!

First off, I sold all my wethers last week to a good home in Vermont.  Nicole offered them a home of 55 acres and lots of love & attention.  Even though I knew they were going to a great home and I got paid for them, I still cried like a baby.  It is so hard not to get attached when you bottle feed every kid born on your farm from the moment they take their first breath.  I hugged and kissed them all good bye as the tears ran down my cheeks.  I guess this is the part about farming that is the worst for me…saying good-bye.

All the other girls are doing well, growing fast, and enjoying the pasture.  They are just so much fun.  I love letting them out in the morning and watching them play in the pasture together with the older does.  At night when we begin our milking chores, I bring them back in, give them their last bottle feeding, grain, hay, and put them in their pen.  They drink their milk right up, nibble a bit on grain & hay, and then quickly fall asleep.  They are so worn out from playing all day they will literally fall asleep standing up nibbling on hay.  It is so funny to see them standing there.  Then their eyes get heavy.  Soon their head gets heavy.  Then they literally fall down which of course, wakes them up.  And then the cycle starts all over again.  They really want to eat hay and grain but just can’t seem to stay awake long enough.  God, I love them!

We have been making our show list for the spring, summer and fall.  Everyday I find myself looking them over and trying to figure out who is my best, etc.  I really hope we have another great show season but then again, I am sure everyone else does too.  This year we are going to take our bucks to a bunch of shows also.

Tuesday we leave for South Carolina!  We are headed to see oldest son, Joey (see post My Marine) graduate from USMC boot camp in Parris Island, SC.  I just can’t wait to see him and give him a big hug.  I am sooo proud of him and the tears are already flowing.  I can’t imagine what I will be like when I see him in his uniform for the 1st time.  I don’t even think I will bother with make-up as I am sure it will be running down my face even if I did.  I plan on taking loads of pictures, so look for them in the next couple of weeks on this blog.

I have become the “Mad Soaper” lately also.  I am getting ready for many craft fairs that are coming up including the 2008 Pa State Laurel Festival in June which is one of the biggest craft fairs that I sell at over the summer.  I have some great new scents coming out too…Lilacs in Bloom (OMG!!! this smells sooo good), Cinnamon Vanilla & Honey (awesome too), and Butt-Naked which has become the kids new favorite.  So we will see how they do.  I have been making soap everyday.  The house smells wonderful which is a good thing because it is a mess.  Who has time to clean lately…not me.  So if you stop by for a visit…the house is a wreck but it smells good!  By the time June rolls around, I will be sick of soaping but for now I am soaping like mad!  If it all flops…we will definitely be the cleanest people in PA!

By the way, I have a doe who every winter gets dry, itchy, flaky skin.  The weather warmed up enough this week to give her a bath.  I washed her with Happy Camper soap…boy does she look sooo much better.  Her skin is all cleared up, she smells wonderful, and her coat is nice and shiny.  It turned out so nice that we are going to pitch the expensive “show shampoo” we buy and wash my ladies with our homemade soap when they get their baths before going to ADGA shows.  It works great on the dogs too!

So world, yes…I am good just busy.  You have been updated on my extremely busy life.  Sorry I haven’t been able to post in awhile but milking, soaping, babies, trimming hooves, homeschooling, working, laundry, house cleaning, and preparing for our trip to Parris Island is consuming every waking moment of my life.  I promise though, I will find the time to fill you in.  If you are in the area…stop by…I have a barn to clean out, quilting to get done, farm equipment to fix for haying, fields that need fertilized, seeded, planted, and plowed.  Plus a produce and herb garden to plant.  I guess it beats sitting in rush hour traffic or working in some cubicle in an office…well at least for me it does!

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Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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One Response to The Mad Soaper

  1. Philomena Maleski says:

    Hey thanks for the updates I will be glad to see the pics when you put them in! I would not mind stopping by to help but I live probaly 2 hours away I think 🙂

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