Hello Spring!

Finally the sun is shining and the temperature is warming up!!!!  I just love spring even though spring brings mud, mud, and more mud when you live on a farm.

Spring is also birthday season here.  We are all Aries except for my husband whose birthday is in July.  Of course, I never get anything for my birthday because we are always broke at this time of the year.  With 3 kids’ birthdays a week apart or less and Easter thrown in the mix, it is like Christmas all over again.  By the middle of April, we are all sick of birthday cake.

Now for the mud.  I mean mud up to your knees kind of mud.  Hence why we call spring mud season.  Everywhere you look, there is mud.  Not just outside in the pastures, driveways, sidewalks, porches, and barn but in your car, house, ALL of your clothes, shoes, etc.  Matter of fact, I have had it in my hair and couldn’t figure out how it got there.  Forget keeping the floors clean in my house even though we take our shoes off either on the porch or just inside the mud room.  I give up.  Who cares!  Although my Grandmother will be rolling in her grave with me saying this…It’s just mud.  (yep, that statement officially makes me go from city girl to redneck).

Mud or no mud, I still love spring.  After being cooped up inside all winter with snow and having to wear a hundred layers of clothes and coats just to go outside for 10 minutes, spring (and the mud) are whole heartedly welcomed here.

Spring brings babies, babies, and more babies.  This is the best part of living on a farm if you are an animal lover like me.  Even my animals love spring too.  They will go out in the pasture and sunbathe.  When the sun comes out and warms the ground, you will find my entire herd of goats laying in the pasture rolling back and forth (their full udders flopping back and forth also), enjoying the warm rays on their winter coats while moaning the entire time as if to say…aahhh this feels sooo good!  After a good roll on the ground and eating what little green grasses that are just starting to sprout, you will hear the sounds of them taking an afternoon nap.  By sounds I mean 19 does all sprawled out and snoring.  Who doesn’t love an afternoon nap in the sunshine?!!

Today we decided to bring out all the little babies too.  I mean into the big pasture with the older does.  At first they were scared of the vast open space and kind of screamed like they were part of a horror flick or something.  Soon they discovered all the toys I have in the goat pasture like sliding boards, balance beams, really great big rocks to play King of the Mountain on, and cable spools to knock each other off of.  The kids and I would walk around the pasture so they could discover it all a little at a time.  Soon there wasn’t anymore screams of horror but baas of joy.

Mikey and Katie would take off running full speed.  They would be in full throttle running mode after them with their ears bouncing.  Then I would call them and they would take off full speed and run back to me.  That’s when they realized they could really stretch their legs.  The kids and I stood laughing at their little antics of skipping, jumping, flipping, turns, and leaps as they tried to out do each other’s little tricks.  They discovered fallen leaves taste really good and fallen branches were fun to drag around. 

They were having so much fun that we decided to open up the bottom pasture gate and take a nice long walk.  There we were…28 babies and my Dublin (she is my baby from last year and is known as Lovey Dovey Dubbie Do) walking through the rest of our property and through the hayfields.  We circled around and walked backed to the house near the roadway.  I guess we were quite a site as the cars were slowing down to look at us.  Some people shaking their heads, others pointing at us and laughing.  I can only guess what we must have looked like.  Oh well, I am sure it won’t be the last time someone finds us commical.

Some of my little girls starting getting tired.  I picked them up and carried them for a little while and they thanked me with little kisses on my chin.  By the time we got back, they were pretty exhausted so it was nap time.  They found a nice sunny spot in the barn with a little gentle breeze for napping.  Aahh, what a life!

Welcome Mud Season, uh I mean Hello Spring!


About asciotti

Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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2 Responses to Hello Spring!

  1. Michelle says:

    I so loved your descriptive story of does napping in the sun and taking the babies out for a walk. Would loved to have been there with you!

  2. Philomena Maleski says:

    Wow sounds fun expecially the mud 😉

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