God answered my prayer…

Today was a tough day as I lost my first ever baby goat.  We are all heart sick and our moods match the rainy dismal day it is outside.

On Sunday, Mistaken Rose gave us a baby girl bright and early in the morning.  We were all shocked as (we thought anyway) she wasn’t due until the end of March.  I guess she really did take the first time she was bred.  Anyway, the baby is doing fine and we were glad to have her.

I spent the day cleaning the house (which REALLY needed it), doing the laundry (still mounds to be done), grocery shopping, and I cooked a nice dinner.  Vince and the kids cleaned out pens in the barn and moved sheep/lambs around.  We were all exhausted after a nice meal together and evening chores.  I noticed while I was milking, Shamrock’s uddered was swelled and she wasn’t acting quite right.  I knew she was going to have her babies and I was extremely worried as she wasn’t due until St. Patrick’s Day.

I checked on her about 7:30pm and she called to me.  She didn’t want me to leave her side and I knew for sure that she was in labor.  Shortly after, she began pushing and gave birth to a little boy.  Vince took him to the house and came back to the barn.  I handed him a beautiful little girl to take back to the house and I milked Shamrock out, gave her warm molasses water, and a big hug and kiss.  The babies were early but appeared to be fine.

When I got to the house, I prepared their bottles and quickly got them fed.  They ate well but were exhausted so I placed them in the playpen to rest.  About an 1 1/2 hour later, I heard screaming coming from the playpen.  It sounded as if someone was in pain but I figured it was probably just one of the new babies waking up and hungry again. 

I noticed it was the little boy crying so I picked him up and was heating him a bottle.  I happened to look down and noticed there was lots of blood on the kitchen floor.  I grabbed a paper towel and placed it on his belly thinking his umbilical cord needed to be tied off and ran to get Vince help me.

He came out into the kitchen and I turned the little guy over in my arms for Vince to do his thing.  That is when Vince said it wasn’t his cord bleeding but his penis.  I was shocked.  I never had such a thing happen before.  Before we knew what was happening, he had bled through the paper towels and rags that we placed on his belly.  He was screaming and crying and I didn’t know what to do.

I placed him on my lap and tried to make him as comfortable as possible.  He soon went to sleep.  I called my vet who came out and took a look at him.  He thought he might have a tumor in his bladder but wasn’t really sure what was wrong.  He gave him a shot for pain and a shot to clot his blood.

He didn’t want to eat for me but the bleeding did stop.  I spent the next two days holding him in my arms and feeding him a little bit at a time with a syringe.  He seemed to get stronger but today he was screaming as if in serious pain.

I gave him shots to ease his pain, tried to keep him hydrated, and held him in my arms day and night.  I knew today he was going to have to be put down as I could not stand to see him suffer.  I called my husband and he agreed with me.  Vince was going to come home and take care of it as I was just heart sick.  I felt like I had let him down in some way.

I was holding him this afternoon.  He was breathing heavily, screaming in pain, and drifting in and out of sleep.  I held him tight, kissed him, and prayed to God to take him quickly as I could not stand to see him suffer another minute.  In the middle of my prayer, my little boy stopped breathing.  I kissed him softly, apologized for not being able to do more for him, and told him that I loved him. 

The kids were with me and we all cried and said our good byes.  It was next to impossible to get attached to him as he was in our hearts immediately.  I held his little sister and thanked God for giving me her to hold and taking him quickly.  He also had my favorite doe kid this morning with a buckling and doeling.  He took a life but gave me two in return.

This just proves that God does listen to our prayers and has a soft spot for animals also.  I know that births and deaths are just part of farming but for this city slicker…I will always be amazed by the gift of life and sadden by the end of it. 

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Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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One Response to God answered my prayer…

  1. Jackie Williamson says:

    Hi there, I really enjoy reading your little letters, I am from South-Africa and am praying to do what you are doing, I am trying to get my house in the city sold to buy a farm, I have a boy of 7 (kyle) and a daughter of 5 (Tasmin). I want to give them a better life and teach them the value of life. It seems to me that children today loses the sense of how prcious a life is, everyday you read of kids killing kids, what a waste. Please carry on with your letters and help me pray that I get my house sold soon

    Love Jackie

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