Who needs Jenny Craig?

Here is a quick update on the Bada Bing Farm Nursery as I am calling the farm now…

Countess kidded last Wednesday 2/20 with triplets.  She gave us two very handsome boys and one precious little doeling.  The doeling is black with frosted spots and she is sooo tiny.  We have named her Francessca but she is known as “small but mighty” around here.  She easily became the most spoiled goat in the playpen as everyone just loves to hold and snuggle with her (she loves it right back too). 

The next morning, Maude went into labor.  Last year we had to pull her single doeling out of her so I figured I better stay right by her side just in case this year.  After hours of freezing my backside off in the barn, she finally began pushing.  It didn’t take long before I realized she was having difficulty again this year.

Mikey held her and I went inside.  Once again she had another huge baby stuck.  As she pushed, I pulled and we got the baby out…a boy.  Mikey ran him to the house while I stayed with Maude.  She started pushing again and again…trouble!  Mikey came back down to the barn and held her while I went inside.  I was elbow deep in the poor girl.  She had a baby partially in the birth canal with one leg forward and one leg pointing backwards.  I tried to push the baby back in to get both legs forward but Maude was pushing against me.  I finally grabbed a hold of the baby and pulled it out.  Poor Maude screamed (can you blame her…OUCH!) but was relieved it was quickly over.  We cleaned the baby off and were excited to get another girl.  Mikey ran her to the house and I got Maude milked, fed, and a nice big drink of warm molasses water.  She just looked at me as if to say…”My butt hurts”. 

The next day we lost one of our ewes.  She was prolapsed and we had to pull her two lambs out of her.  One was born dead but the other one was barely breathing.  Mikey took him to the house and laid him in a laundry basket by the wood stove to get him warm.  He then fed him some colostrum and we said a prayer for him to make it through the night.  You know you are a redneck when you have farm animals in laundry baskets in your living room.

It is not even a week later and the lamb is doing great.  He is drinking his bottles of goat milk with gusto, walking and running.  He is still living inside my mudroom for now but we know that he is going to be just fine. 

Wisteria surprised us all and kidded on Sunday with a single doeling that Mikey has named Holly.  Holly brings our goat baby count to 18 very hungry, pooping & peeing, bouncing, and happy little baby goats who want your undivided attention all the time.  This leaves us with 4 more does to kid.  Gert the squirt (my baby girl) is first up and due on March 2nd.  Her bestest buddy in the whole world, Clover (I am not joking.  You can’t separate them) is due March 3rd.  Then after that is Shamrock due on St. Patrick’s Day.  Bringing up the rear is Mistaken Rose due on March 28th.  At least it is a little more spread out anyway.

You still have time to enter the “Name that Irish Goat” Contest but you better hurry up because time is running out.  We have lots of suggestions from all over the country.  I actually have learned a lot about St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland from reading all of your suggestions and entries.

I am posting several quilts today on the website that are finally finished and I have begun making more soap today also.  I just found out yesterday that I was accepted once again as a vendor at the PA State Laurel Festival in Wellsboro this June.  My soaps and quilts are hot sellers there and this quickly has become one of our biggest craft shows we do every year.

I literally have worked my fingers to the bone as my hands are cracked and bleeding from washing them about 100 times each day preparing milk and doing dishes, all of my laundry is dirty, my house…eewww is all I can say, and I am exhausted!  The kids are exhausted too and fall into bed every night.  But…all the mommas and babies are happy and healthy.  I am getting weekly mail from Joey in boot camp (one of the highlights of my week!) and still find the time to write him everyday.  Also…a big plus to all of this birthing, milking, etc.; I must be dropping pounds because my jeans keep falling down. 

Maybe I’ll start my own fat camp.  I’ll charge people to come and work on the farm.  They will drop the pounds while giving me a little help.  I’ll tell them “Who needs Jenny Craig?  All you need is a farm”.  We’ll call it Bada Bing Boot Camp for fat people.

Ok, got to go because the lamb is crying and it is time for another bottle.  Ciao!

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Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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