Boy, Oh Boy!

Kidding season arrived right on schedule with our first doe, Gem, who delivered her babies right on her due date…Saturday, February 9th.

Last Saturday, the husband finally decided to take me shopping for a new dishwasher.  I guess he was tired of checking the “clean” dishes before he used them.  The kids are famous for putting “washed & clean” dishes away that aren’t really up to everyone else’s idea of “washed & clean”.  Anyway, even though I knew Gem was due she wasn’t showing any signs of labor so away I went dishwasher shopping and left Mikey here in charge of baby watching.

I called Mikey every hour and asked him if Gem was doing anything.  He was pretty sick and tired of running to the barn to see nothing but Gem staring back at him as if saying, “what are you looking at”?  Vince and I finally picked out a dishwasher.  We came home so he could get the truck to go pick it up and I needed to get a shower for work.  It was 1:30 in the afternoon.

I came in the door and asked Mikey how the girls were.  He rolled his eyes and said, “They are fine, no labor, no babies, quit asking me”.  He jumped in the truck with his Dad because he was afraid that I would make him go check on the girls again.

I decided to go visit with my ladies since I had to go to work and would miss the evening chores and not get to spend anytime with them.  I took a stroll down to the barn, opened the door, and announced that Mom was here.  Everyone came bouncing out of their pens and hollered back at me.  There Gem was standing in the middle of them all but extremely more vocal.  She was downright excited to see me.

I went into their middle isle area to talk to her and she takes off for an empty pen.  She lays down, looks at me, give a little baa, and proceeds to start pushing.  She was actually waiting on me.  In between pushing, she is hollering at me as if to say, “Where the hell have you been.  I have been ready to have these babies for hours”.

Katie is at a girlfriend’s house so she isn’t around to help.  I call Vince on the phone and ask him to come home as soon as possible because Gem is in labor and she is already pushing.  He makes the fastest dishwasher purchase in history, loads it, and gets home so him and Mikey could help. 

They come bouncing in the barn and set up lights, grab rags, iodine, etc.  Mikey goes and gets Gemmie a bucket of warm molasses water.  Vince and Mikey are standing outside the pen and I am inside cheering Gemmie on.  Soon we see a bag with little hooves inside of it.  Things are getting pretty messy by now….lots of slime, water, goo, and a little blood.  Soon Vince and Mikey are running out of the barn gagging, asking me “How in God’s name can you stand that?  I can’t believe you can even touch something so disgusting.”  I am hollering back at them, telling them they are a bunch of wimps.  Tough guys my butt!

Anyway, Gemmie gets the first baby delivered and I break the bag, clear it’s mouth and nose, etc.  I wipe it off and notice…It’s a boy…(Vince’s wammy is my first thought).  I hand him to Mikey and he gets him dried off and warm.

Gemmie is already pushing again and in no time the second baby is delivered.  I go through the whole process again and again…It’s a boy…(now I am officially cussing at Vince for jinxing us).

Gemmie gets her treat of warm molasses water which she downs in no time.  Vince milks her out.  She gets a square of hay, a little grain, and proceeds to take a nice long nap.  It is tough work popping out twins in less than an hour.

Mikey and I get the babies to the house and warmed up.  I make them their first bottles.  We get them fed and soon they are sound asleep too.  Unfortunately, I have to get ready for work so I leave Mikey and Vince in charge of the first 2008 babies.  Mikey is an excellent nurse maid and quickly names them Fredo & Anthony (yes, even the goats end up with Italian names).

Unfortunately, we can’t keep them and they will be sold….either as pets or breeding bucks.  I have three more does due today, one tomorrow, and two more on Saturday.  We have several inches of fresh snow on the ground, currently we are getting freezing rain, and Vince is out of town.  I just know they all will go into labor at the same time…and I bet it will be in the middle of the night too.

For now, we are enjoying snuggling and spoiling the beautiful baby boys.  Katie, Mikey and I are always fighting over who gets to bottle feed and hold them.  I hope there are more babies soon so we each can have one.

Hopefully, my next post will be GIRL, OH GIRL!  But in the meantime, here are a few pics of the lover snuggle bug boys….


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Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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One Response to Boy, Oh Boy!

  1. Michelle says:

    There is nothing cuter than baby nubians. They HAD to be the inspiration for Dumbo, the flying elephant!

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