Phil the Friendly & Famous Goat



The above slide show are pictures taken at Dickens of a Christmas and here at the farm.  All I can say about the farm pictures….


Dollar Store Antlers:  $1

Oxycotin Pain Killers for your back:  $15 insurance co-pay

Memories with the kids that will last them a lifetime:  Priceless!

Side note:  My husband was praying that no one who knew us would drive by.


So I actually have minute to sit down and take care of a few computer chores.  I have been busy updating the website with new items for sale and removed items that I have sold.  I also have been working on the December newsletter to email out to everyone.  If you would like to be added to the email newsletter list, send me an email at with a note to add your email to the newsletter list.


Dickens of a Christmas went well this past Saturday.  I never imagined that we would sell as much as we did.  Of course, I was at home lying around and mending from my recent back surgery.  It absolutely killed me not being there.  My Mom said that many of you came to our stand to meet me.  I never realized that so many people read my Blog and find my life interesting.  Many of you have told me to write a book.  What a compliment!!!   What can I say but Thank You!


When I was preparing for Dickens I came up with the brilliant idea of taking Mr. Phil.  My husband thought it was stupid and said no one would be interested in him.  Thank you to all the 1,000’s of people who wanted to hug, kiss, and have your picture taken with Mr. Phil.  He absolutely loved it and you helped me prove my husband wrong once again!


Mr. Phil stole the show so to speak.  Since so many of you wanted to know more about him, I decided that I would give you a little background on Mr. Phil…The Friendly and now Famous Goat.


Phil’s dam (mom) is Abbalonia (known as Abby).  Poor Abby is my hard luck doe.  Anything that can go wrong always seems to happen to her.  Abby was only pregnant a couple of months when she came down with menginal worm and paralysis.  I hand fed her and held her head up to a bucket so that she could drink.  I wormed her heavily for 6 days straight.  I spent night and day by her side coaxing her back to her feet.  She was just so helpless and I pitied her so much.  Vince just wanted to put her down but I knew that I could save her and was determined to.   Eventually I got her back on her feet and walking again.  She walks with a little limp and thus she is now no longer a show doe.


Vince immediately wanted to get rid of her but she has this really gentle and loving personality that I fought him tooth and nail.  Plus, she is a powerhouse of genetics, has overall dairy character, and a gorgeous udder to boot.  As April rolled around I was nervous for her delivery.  I just knew that it wouldn’t be easy on her.  So on April 1st when she started pushing, I was there ready to help.


Poor Abby pushed and pushed without any progress.  I figured the baby must be stuck.  I went inside her to grab a hold of the kid and see if the presentation was right.  That is when I realized that this baby was HUGE!  The presentation was right; she just couldn’t push this huge baby out.  I grabbed the kid’s legs and started pulling.  I got the hooves and head out but didn’t have enough strength to pull the baby the rest of the way.  Vince started pulling and Abby was just screaming.  I thought for sure that she was going to die.  He eventually got the baby out but poor Abby had ripped completely.  She only had one kid to deliver and I was so thankful that she didn’t have anymore (Nubians usually have at least twins).  We finally got her baby breathing and cleaned him up.  Mikey named him Phil.  I really wanted a doe out of her because she is just a beautiful.  I tended to Abby and the vet came and stitched her up.  We were so lucky that she hadn’t torn inside.  The vet thought that she could kid again next year.


Phil was brought into our house and lived in a playpen in our mud room for the first 2 weeks of his life.   He quickly became our favorite.  I guess because he nearly died at birth and we constantly were holding him and playing with him in the house.  Mikey fell in love with him first and it didn’t take long before I did too.  He eventually was placed in the barn with all the other babies but he just sort of stood out as exceptional to us.


Many people came to our farm and offered to buy him.  I turned down much more money than I should have.  My husband kept telling us that we couldn’t keep him.  Our copy of Hobby Farm magazine came and there was a picture of a pack goat on the front cover.  BINGO…that is what we will turn Mr. Phil into!  After much coaxing, begging, promising, etc. the husband finally let us keep Mr. Phil. 

Now all of our goats are spoiled.  They all come when you call their name.  They all love affection.  But there is just something about Phil.  He doesn’t walk to you… he bee bops.  He will follow you anywhere you go.  If you sit down, is he quickly in your lap.  I think he doesn’t realize that he is a goat.  I think he believes he should be inside the house laying in your lap and watching TV with the rest of the family.

I bought some goat packing bags for Katie.  They were used and only cost me $20.  It was the best $20 that I ever spent in my lifetime.  She just had sooo much fun walking him around and training him for packing.


Thus came my idea for Dickens.  I just knew that little kids would fall in love with Phil and he would love getting all the attention.  I never realized though that just as many adults would fall in love with him also.  Vince said that if Phil didn’t have his picture taken at least 300 times then he didn’t have it taken once.  Many people came to our stand and said, “Mr. Phil sent us”.  Katie was interviewed by 3 different newspapers and they took her picture with Phil.  One person, who makes Christmas Cards for a living, took a picture of him by the Christmas tree at Dickens.  My parents found it funny that a lot of you would buy our soap and then have your picture taken with Mr. Phil while holding the soap up.  I guess that makes him Phil the Friendly and now Famous goat!!!


So a big Thank You from me and Mr. Phil to all of you who attended Dickens.  Phil loved every minute of it.  You also proved to my husband that even a pet wether could pull his own weight around here and it worth the feed that he eats.   (As I was writing this post, Vince was standing over my shoulder loudly telling me that Phil is HIS goat because he pulled him out….and he wanted to send him to market just a few months ago!)

If you are ever in the area, feel free to stop by for a visit.  Mr. Phil and the rest of the girls would love it!

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