Love is in the air!

Love is in the air and it stinks!  Around here with the coming of fall, comes the breeding season.  The leaves change colors and so does our Saanen buck…from snow white to urine yellow.  We have 4 bucks total that stink to high heaven.  They begin spraying themselves with urine in late July.  By the time the leaves are changing color they smell so bad it turns your stomach.  Even sitting in the house, I swear I can smell it.

My job lately has been to take the girls on “dates” with which ever buck we are breeding them to.  So yes, I get to smell like goat urine too…uugh!  I write down the day that they were bred, calculate their due date, and then make sure that I am there for the birth (but that’s another story in itself).  I have a “talk” with all participants at the beginning of each breeding season.  “Now listen here everyone…I want doelings…all gorgeous and show winning doelings”.  Last breeding season…we got 2 does and what seemed like a 100 bucks (but I sold everyone as breeding stock or as pets).  I am thinking that the talk didn’t work or it fell on deaf ears.

Yesterday Shamrock came into heat.  She was at the bucks’ pasture, just a baaing, wagging her tail, and rubbing against the fence.  Our bucks were going nuts.  Peeing all over themselves, flapping their tongues, and calling back to her (yes, they act just like the regular human males when there is a good looking woman around).  This is my cue to let the dating begin.  I grabbed a reluctant preteen son of mine and we headed to the barn.  Mikey was complaining the entire time….”why do I have to help you”…because I have a bad back and he knows it…”Can’t you get Katie to help you instead”…nope, she was doing schoolwork…”do I have to stay and watch them”…yep, because I can’t put a 250 lb. buck in full rut with access to a willing doe back in his pen (with a bad back) all by myself.  So there we are watching the two of them do the deed.  Mikey is still complaining…I finally say to him “You know, this is part of your home schooling education”.  He replies, “yeah, how do you figure?”  With a dead serious face, I look at him and say, “this is your sex education class”.  We both just started laughing and he at least quit complaining for 5 seconds.

Thus concludes breeding season for us.  All the does are bred and the bucks are exhausted.  The ram has been turned out to pasture with the ewes.  They get the same talk…”please give me more ewes than rams”.  The talk must not have worked on them either.  Last year we only got ram lambs.

Now for the next five months, I will dream of beautiful doelings that will win ADGA sanctioned shows.  Farmers will come far and wide to buy our award winning stock.  I will be standing there, pockets over flowing with money…saying, “see Vince, I told you so”.

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Please keep in mind that I never grew up on a farm, lived in the city or its suburbs all my life. Many farmers out there will find this blog a hoot as I stumble through the every day life of running a farm (most of the time...all by myself).
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